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Adatkezelési tájékoztató

Come and Play!

Integrated Energy Therapy® for Kids


This workshop was developed by The Center of Being, Inc. and introduces children to the same concepts that are used in our Integrated Energy Therapy training program. IET is one of the next generation power energy therapy systems that gets the „issues out of your tissues” for good.

This experiental class will allow children to learn about:
- angelic energy,
- dowsing (use of pendulums to measure energy),
- connecting to the angels with the heartlink process,
- clearing energy blocks.
All in a safe and fun environment. While attending this workshop, the children will build their own pendulums, draw a picture of their angel, play energy games, and learn to clear basic energy blocks. A fully illustrated workbook and certificate is provided with this class.
Introduce your kids to the same concepts that are taught in Integrated Energy Therapy!

 Have fun and play with the Angels!
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