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 IET for Pets

Now You Can Use Integrated Energy Therapy® to work with Pets


This course has recently been developed by internationally published author Stevan J. Thayer, the founder and creator of Integrated Energy Therapy. IET is one of the next generation handson power energy therapy systems that gets the „issues out of your tissues” for good. Until recently, IET has been taught for self-use  or for working with people. Now these same powerful IET techniques can be used to support cats, dogs, and horses!
The IET system is taught in four levels: Basic, Intemediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor levels.
Completion of the Basic level training is the only prerequisite required for attending this IET: Working with Pets class. Our IET for Pets training class is a powerful day of energy therapy certification training. You will learn how the angelic heartlink can be used to support cats, dogs and horses in their self-healing. You will be introduced to the specific meaning of the IET nine cellular memory areas for these pets. You will also learn the locations of the nine sets of energy integration points for pets as well as how to use the IET integration power points to keep their cellular memory clear and empowered. A certificate and fully illustrated training guide are provided with this class.
Expand your Basic IET knowledge to be able to work with cats, dogs, and horses!
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